Iwao Kasahara

Iwao Kasahara has taken care of over 110.000 patients (only the first medical examination) in 41 years, approaching from patients’ sole balance and damaged body parts.
After investigating the link between knee, back and neck pain, and malfunctions of body, such as imbalance of autonomic nervous system in which the causes are unidentifiable, with Hallux Valgus ( Bunion ), Ungrounded Toe and Flatfoot, he has established new medical theory , “Strain Structural Medicine” , also known as G-Balance Medicine, based on gravity and balance. “Strain Structural Medicine” is a theory comprised of Eight Directional Diagnosis and Three Treatment Principles.
It is most effective for chronic pain and discomfort of unknown causes.

He has been actively giving lectures, publishing books, articles on newspapers and magazines to broaden the G-Balance Medicine. Original Balance Supporting Products with patents have been developed to supplement the treatment. He has founded the therapy school to teach G-Balance Medicine and treatment method to Judo Therapists and others in the health industry.


In essence there should be no distinction between Western medicine and Oriental medicine or any other type of medicine.
There must be nothing but authentic and effective diagnosis and treatment.
Due to the fact that “Strain Structural Medicine” has not been defined until now, the current realm of treatment has witnessed a multitude of treatment methodologies.
The basic premise of “Strain Structural Medicine” is that the earth is governed by the absolute dominance of the gravity and that human beings who are a part of the earth are of a dynamic structure, and are equally bound by the same force.
“Strain Structural Medicine” is a theory which takes “Time (in strain)” and “Environmental conditions” factors into treatment in addition to the three dimensional Dynamic Structures (length x width x depth) as the human bound by the same law that govern the earth.


“Strain”: gravity as accompanied by Time and the largest energy and stress of which is “strained time” which further consists of “shock wave” and “torsion wave”.
“Structural”: human beings are equally dynamic structures of “length x width x depth” as is the earth.
“Body”: the body is deeply affected by the physical and mental “environments”.
The earth is dynamically governed by gravitational forces.
Human beings are on it and are equally bound by the same law (principles).
The Natural World and human beings are dynamically of the same structures. Refer to the chart below.


The followings are some of my favorite words.

“Be a philosopher before a doctor.”
“We must take medicine into practice of philosophy and take philosophy into practice of medicine.”
In another words, Hippocrates teaches us that the medicine and philosophy cannot be separated.


The Natural World is governed by the principle of five dimensions: The [first dimension=length] x the [second dimension=width] x the [third dimension=depth] x the

[fourth dimension=time] x the [fifth dimension=environment].
This principle of 5 dimensions in the natural world can be explained in the diagram as follows:

The premise is that “Natural physical world and human bodies are dynamically the same”.