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The “Length X width X depth X time X environment” is under absolute control of the gravity on the earth. By the relationship of these five dimensions and gravity, eight types of imbalance are identified.

The eight types of imbalance is often not recognized, are not found by the physical check up, and are hidden in our daily life. These develop chronic pains and damage the beauty.

Because these imbalances are not recognized, we could not find the real causes and there was no treatment for them. Isaac Newton discovered the gravity. I discovered the “Ten types of imbalance” (Ten directional diagnosis). The eight of these are the hidden causes of chronic pains of unknown causes and other diseases. This diagnosis will be necessary tool for the practice of foot care.

It is now found that pain and malfunction of unidentifiable causes are due to one or a combination of more than one dynamic imbalances among those eight types.
These eight imbalances exist as unseen stress and unidentifiable strains.
Due to the fact that the gravitational forces are accompanied by time (strains) which consists of shock and torsion waves, human beings are not free from their impact.
Feet receive above all and control these shock and torsion waves.
Therefore, imbalance of the sole makes it vulnerable to the effect of those waves.


“The Ten Directional Diagnosis” is “The Eight Directional Diagnosis” for diseases of unknown causes and for “Congenital Imbalance” and “Acquired Imbalance” which causes are identified.

● “Congenital Imbalance” is innate or congenital damage and which causes are identified by scientific checkup.
● “Acquired Imbalance” is obtained damage by injury, accident, or disease and which causes are identified.

Diagnosis for those two damages has been established and many theories of high level and quality researchers were born in this field. In contrary, “The Eight Dimensional Diagnosis”, diagnosis for damage of unknown causes, has been just discovered. This will be the necessary theory for the practitioners in the health.

In the 21st century the world is shifting toward a new era, and new diagnosis method that focuses on relationship with the gravity is needed because maintaining the balance with the gravity is the highest priority for human being and this is the only area left behind in the modern medicine.

Knee Pain of unidentifiable causes and Eight Directional Diagnosis

To apply the Eight Directional Diagnosis to the knee pain, start looking at the affected part in the following order:
1) pain at the front of knee
2) pain at the rear of knee
3) pain inside of knee
4) pain outside of knee,
5) pain in the center of knee
6) pain in the knee bones
7) pain in the knee ligaments,
8) knee pain by environmental conditions.

Lower back Pain of unidentifiable causes and Eight Directional Diagnosis

Lower back pain including chronic back pain, strained back, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, and spinal canal stenosis can be categorized in above. The occurrence process is related to the imbalance of the sole as follows.

1. First, a deformation (imbalance) of the sole creates dynamic imbalance in our upper body part.
2. Second, shock waves and torsion waves are transmitted to the imbalanced body part while walking.
3. Finally, it is repeated in daily life.

True causes for chronic pain and malfunctions in which moment of injury is unidentifiable have been hidden in eight types on imbalances as described.
As the theory is based on the law of nature being applied to the human body, it cannot be reversed by anyone.
The theory is believed to be the mainstream of the treatment in the coming century applied with due credibility.
This etiological treatment based on G-Balance medicine has just marked the beginning of a new era with the established theory presented herein.